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Wed, Nov. 2nd, 2005, 07:47 pm
uragirimono: To Catch a Tiger by the Toe

The door to the CNC opened and in walked Colonel Michaels and Major Klinas. Opposites in appearance as much as they were in thought. Michaels marched up to The General.

“Reporting, as ordered, Sir. With Major Klinas, as requested.” Michaels announced. Klinas walked slowly up behind him and saluted in greeting to CO. The General returned the salute and got down to business.

“I want suggestions as to capturing this signal. I’m sure you’ve both seen the data with your own eyes. I want recommendations on how to catch it.”

“Sir, I can get to work on that right away. The alignment of the sensors in the main lab at Castle is just finishing. I can start immediately.” Klinas’ eyes had a spark of excitement.

“Good. Colonel, I want you to supervise his research. I don’t know how much time we have to get this right, so let’s hup to.” The General turned back to the display and his fingers flew over the A.I. interface, continuing his own observation of the phenomena. Klinas clapped his hands together for the second time today and rubbed them together, looking giddy.

“Come, Colonel! There’s much to do!” He was already moving towards the door. Michaels was stunned for a second and then quickly pursued.