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You Are Now In Sayne

Enjoy Your Stay

You are now In Sayne
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The city of Sayne is one shrouded in mystery. One of the last bastions of human life, and also the location of frequent dimensional rifts.

You are now in Sayne
Enjoy Your Stay

Introduction By The Author:

Currently I'm going to be writing all about Sayne 1. I guess you could probably think of this as the mythology of the series, or a religious text, (though no where near as poetic). This mythos will appear in all Sayne stories in some form or another. Critique is encouraged, comments and discussion are welcome. Hope you enjoy it.

Section Index:
Section 01 - Expansion
Section 02 - Request
Section 03 - Discussion
Section 04 - To Catch a Tiger By The Toe
Section 05 - Discussion 2
Section 06 - Time
Section 07 - Pretense
Section 08 - Time 2
Section 09 - To Catch a Tiger 2

Word Count: 5766

FAQ: What's the display look like? What is the A.I. showing them?
To see what the display looks like. Get the MilkDrop visualization for winamp or a number of mp3 players. Fullscreen and hit 'x' to lock the preset and then 'l' to load one. Pagedown/Down arrow until you find Bmelgren & Krash - Rainbow Orb Peacock (Lonely Signal Gone Mad Mix). I have mine set to 50 FPS, at 1600x1200. I plan on describing it in the story.