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Tue, Nov. 1st, 2005, 10:09 pm
uragirimono: Request

Colonel Michaels strode down the underground tunnels of the complex towards the Castle Laboratories. Michaels was a tall man, standing six feet and five inches tall, he was built for war. Strong and brave he earned his position from the bottom. Calculating and cunning, his reputation was well deserved as one of the finest soldiers of the military. Battle scars of past tours were covered by his immaculate black uniform. Gold medals adorned his left and right breasts. Countless battles won, and he showed no sign of slowing down or fatigue. His movements were controlled and calculated as he pulled an access card from his pocket and swiped it through a reader at the lower entrance to the labs. Short brown hair was easily contained within his brimmed wartime hat. Hard green eyes reflected the harsh fluorescent lights of the tunnels.

“Password Required.” A calm female voice, of British ancestry came from the speaker at the entrance. Michaels punched in his code, the computer beeped, satisfied that he was who he claimed to be and the door rolled back. He walked through and to the lift. He pushed the buttons for the main lab observation room and the lift started off. Clutching the display book under one arm the other straight at his side, when the door to the lift opened he was already moving to get off. He marched over to the window where Major Klinas was standing looking out at the sensor array. Duncan Klinas was shorter than the rest of the senior officers at five feet eleven inches. His uniform jacket was unzipped in a casual manner. His hunched posture as he drank his, spoke volumes of how tired he was. Michaels marched up behind him and Klinas turned to meet him.

“Major,” he began, “The General has ordered that you are to remove the Outer Travel bulletin from the system and to accompany me back to the CNC.”

“Oh? What’s up?” Michaels bristled a bit at the officer’s unwillingness to recognize him as his superior. He was a colonel after all, and Klinas was a major. He would remember to reprimand him later, and instead pulled up the display book and opened it for the major and scientist to look at. The majors eyes narrowed as he watched the display for a few seconds.

“This is subspace and frequency modulation. What is this?” The major said straightening up a bit. Michaels stood there holding the display book.

“The A.I. picked it up while doing deep space observation. It’s tracking the anomaly now. I believe the general wishes to consult with the senior staff about the issue. You are to accompany me to the CNC.” Michaels said succinctly.

“Fine, fine,” he finished his coffee in one gulp and he placed the cup on a display monitor, turned and started walking towards the lift, “One request.”

Michaels joined him, “What is it, Major?”

“On our way, you tell me what you think it is.” Klinas smiled eagerly. Michaels lost his step a second before regaining his composure. He just looked straight ahead and continued walking.

“Oh come now, Colonel! You’ve seen the data, you should have formed an opinion by now.” The Major had a huge grin on his face. Michaels turned and looked at Klinas, his eyes full of fear.

“Let’s hear what The General has to say.”