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Mon, Nov. 7th, 2005, 05:34 pm
uragirimono: To Catch a Tiger 2

Major Jonas Prolin was sweating over his console, typing frantic code into the system to try and predict the signal’s movement. He’d already made several modifications that helped with the tracking of the signal, but he was still some time away to actually predicting where it would show up next. He tuned all the background noise out except for alarms and notices. It was one of these notices that caught his attention.

“General, Sir. The strike group has arrived in sector Ares.” A lieutenant announced as he turned towards the command station.

“Very well, have them scan the area for anything out of the ordinary.” The General commanded. Major Prolin looked up.

“Sector Ares, Sir?” He asked. He hadn’t even begun to finish the prediction software yet. His commander turned slightly towards him.

“A central location to start searching, Major. Since it is central, the strike force will be able to jump to anywhere with relative ease. With the singularity in the sector, maybe we can get a fix on the signal.” Major Prolin nodded.

“Sir, I must report, my progress is going very slowly. The signal is weird, it will have a nice strong reading one point and then seem to change randomly. I’ve been trying to write a randomization function to fit it but… it’s progressing slowly.” The major reported.

“Instead of assuming it’s being generated by a device, have you tried thinking that perhaps, it’s more than just produced?” That caught Jonas off guard.

“You mean it’s a natural occurring phenomenon? How could that be? The energy requirements to make stable subspace bubbles for travel are immense! Only our largest fleet ships have the capability! Not only are they large enough for three reactor cores, they have to use an established subspace tunnel to make a jump! If that,” he paused. “If that thing is making subspace bubbles, and warping space around it, Sir, might I suggest we leave this well enough alone?” Prolin was throwing theories around in his head and did not like the result.

“Noted, Major. Please continue the program.” To the communications officer he added, “Have them scan the black hole, I want a report in six hours.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Major, you could use some sleep. Why don’t you go get some, refresh your mind. I’ll expect you back at your station in twelve hours.” The General turned towards a new display. It looked as though it was a high speed attack through subspace. Jonas twitched slightly before regaining an air of calm.

“Aye, Sir.” With that, he saluted turned and left command and control. Walking quickly, and without destination, he found himself at the lower entrance to Castle Laboratories. He took a deep breath and calmed himself some more before swiping his access card.

“Password required,” said the computer. He quickly keyed in his passcode.

“I need a second opinion.” He said as the lower door rolled back.