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Sat, Nov. 5th, 2005, 11:02 am
uragirimono: Pretense

This is the personal audio log of Lieutenant Michaels. We’ve been ordered to the boarders of Sayne. We’re to stay here and wait for ground fall. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but we have to hold the line. From what I’ve been told, this is the greatest threat to happen to mankind. The-- Russians are sending troops to reinforce this position. That’s fine with me. Something tells me we’re going to need all the help we can get!
End Log

It was a hot and sticky 3rd cycle of the week. Michaels’ Machetes was a squad to be reckoned with. They were stationed with the rest of the 57th infantry guarding the command post twenty kilometres east of Sayne. A skinny little private ran up to the young Lieutenant Michaels, out of breath.

“Sir, The General, requests that you report to him in the command truck.” He leaned on a support beam to catch his breath. Michaels looked at his squad and then back at the private.

“Dismissed!” He barked to his men and turned towards the messenger. “Private, please radio ahead to say I’m on my way.” With that he double-timed it to the Command Post for the operation.

Michaels arrived five minutes later and rapped his fist on the door three times.

“Enter.” Michaels opened the door and stepped inside. Green light from the monitor equipment washed over him. A major came over to him.

“Lieutenant Michaels, reporting as ordered, Sir.” The major pointed towards two men at the command station. Michaels walked over and came to attention. The General turned to him and smiled.

“Lieutenant, good. I assume you’ve met your Counterpart? Lieutenant Luke Rostov?” The other man turned to shake his hand.

“No, General, this will be our first meeting.” Rostov said taking Michaels hand in his own and squeezing a bit while shaking. Michaels returned the greeting and Rostov nodded. “Lieutenant.”

“Lieutenant.” Michaels replied curtly. He turned towards The General. A tall Japanese man with the wisdom and rank to get things done, The General was impressive for 55 years-old. He looked impressive in his military dress uniform. He pointed to the status monitors.

“These are the medical readings from the squads out there right now. I want to impress upon you two how important your role will be. I’m sending you directly to ground zero after landfall. Get there and solve the problem.”

“Shouldn’t we have been stationed closer to the city if this was to be our task?” Luke asked.

“No. Your presence here is to show you why that is.” The General said simply. The two younger officers looked at each other and then turned their attention to the monitors.

“Sir, Landfall in two minutes! It’s entered the atmosphere now.” The major announced, typing frantically into his terminal.

“This is it. Pay attention.” The General said as he gripped the railing in front of him. Rostov and Michaels followed suit. Comm traffic could be heard from a few stations over. The radio crackled and hissed with orders and comments.

“Command, this is Beta Niner. Confirm we have a fireball coming in fast from orbit. Can anyone else confirm?”

“Beta Niner, this is Omicron Niner, I can confirm. I have visual from station one four. God it’s beautiful!”

“Omicron Niner, this is command,” a captain said at the communication station. “Be advised this is enemy landfall. Comments on its beauty are not appreciated.”

“Sorry, command. Of course, this is Omicron Niner, Out.”

“Command this is Zeta Two, I have a visual of smaller fireballs breaking off. Is it crumbling in decent or do we have a bigger problem?”

“Zeta two, stand by.”

“Tell them to stand their ground and wait for landfall.” The General said.

“Zeta two, no change to operation at this time. Stand your ground and commence operation on landfall.”

“Aye, aye, Command. Zeta Two, Out.”

“Sir, 30 seconds to impact.” The major pointed to one of the displays, and one of the stations had the decent and was broadcasting it. They were mesmerised by the visual for a few seconds until reality set back in.

“Five…four…three…two…one….Impact!” The tracking camera feed went dead. The entire bank of terminals displaying the squads health monitors flat lined all at once. That was more than ten thousand men! Michaels thought as his eyes widened and his jaw dropped. What the hell—

“—just happened?!” Luke was finishing. Alarms and klaxons started up immediately.

“Sir we’ve lost all contact, and I mean All contact with the frontlinesmen and the stations!!” the major looked at The General with fear in his eye. The General turned to Rostov and Michaels.

“You two, move out now. There are 4 hummers waiting for you at your tents. Meet at way point Alpha and proceed to ground zero at way point Beta.” He handed them a mission pack each and dismissed them. As they left the command truck the frantic background noise caught up with them as they heard casualty and damage reports being delivered and trying to figure out just what happened.

“What the hell is going on?” Michaels turned to Luke.

“I’ll see you at way point Alpha.” He said simply and started back to his tent at a jog.